Amateur hockey.
Professional results.

Game events tracked by a team volunteer in real-time are processed into reports and integrated with video to help teams improve play and develop players.

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Quickly establish an organization, create teams, input rosters, and build schedules.



Track goals, shots, penalties, faceoffs, time on ice and much more using our intuitive tablet app for iOS and Android.



Review game data, access reports, and integrate game events with multiple synced video angles. Never miss a play.


Our Mission

Allow every team and player the opportunity to benefit from video and analytics as coaching resources.

The System


Establish an organization and its organizational administrators.
Create teams by specifying level of play, age group, gender, and establish team administrators including coaches, managers and volunteers.
Build rosters including player, number, position, and additional information such as height, weight, and shot if desired.
Customize the data to be tracked and level of detail by team.
Pay per game model offers flexibility allowing an organization to purchase game credits to allocate across teams or teams can manage their own game credits. One game credit gives a team access to all three taggers. Pricing schedule.
Input a team schedule for the entire season or on the fly as the team progresses in a tournament.

Access organization or team information on the Athletic Performance Insight website with user email and password.

Also accommodates users with multiple roles within an organization as well as users affiliated with multiple organizations.


Event Tagger. Use the Event Tagger to track goals, shots, and attempts by location and player, faceoffs, zone exits, and entries, giveaways/takeaways, checks, create video stamps, and more.
Time on Ice Tagger. Use the Time on Ice Tagger to efficiently track shifts and ice time by player. Time on ice data can be merged with game event data allowing for analytics with deeper insight.
Video Tagger. Use the Video Tagger to time stamp plays outside typical game events allowing for more efficient video review. Each time stamp indicates the zone the play occurred and if the play was positive or negative.

Taggers operate offline to ensure stability and allow data to be uploaded at the end of each period, offering coaches in-game analytics or simply at the end of a game.

The Event Tagger is designed for use on a 9” tablet (or larger) while the Time on Ice and Video Taggers can be used on any reasonably sized smartphone or tablet.


Event Editor. With the Event Editor, view the tagged events of a game synced with up to three angles of game video that have been uploaded to YouTube. Existing data tags can be edited or enhanced to add greater detail and new data tags can be created based on video review. A variety of filters allow events to be easily located on video.
Reports. Pre-defined single game and full season reports allow coaches to assess team and player performance across a wide variety of metrics. Reports utilize both tables and graphics and many offer the ability to refine information using filters. Report samples.
Video Review. Coaches and players can use filters to quickly locate specific events or plays that have been video stamped and can toggle between up to three angles. Filters include team, event type, player, period, game situation, and the danger rank (high, medium or low) assigned to goals, shots, and attempts based on location.

Any organizational or team administrator can access reports and video while players are limited to video.

For More Information

Please contact Erik Cagnina at or (614) 595-0266 for additional information or to set up a demo.